SOLD!Running Eagle 11x14 original oil painting
  • SOLD!Running Eagle 11x14 original oil painting

    11x14 oil on canvas

    Pitamakan ( Running Eagle) to honor the memory of the amazing woman warrior of the Pikuni Blackfeet.

    she tagged along on a raid to a Crow camp to help take back horses that were stolen from them. It is said that the party leader spotted her, and tried to make her go back home, yet she refused. He then threatened to call off the raid if she did not comply, and she replied that she would continue on to the Crow camp alone if that were the case. With that, her stubbornness won. During the raid, she successfully captured 11 horses for the tribe. On the way back to camp, as she kept watch while the men rested, she spotted two enemy Indians try to make off with their stolen goods and she took them down herself. Once again, she was celebrated by most for these heroic acts, yet some still looked at her with disdain.

    Because of the disapproval by some, her elders suggested that she go on a Vision Quest, which includes going to a remote area for four days and fasting. During this time, one waits for the spirits to show them their destiny in a vision. Otaki agreed, and when she returned, she said she had had a vision of the sun. It included the sun promising to give her great power in battle, as long as she never slept with a man. After she shared this vision, she was then invited to a 2nd war party, and invited to participate in the Medicine Lodge Ceremony to share her tales. Usually, only men were allowed to participate in this ceremony. The tribe's Chief, Lone Walker, bestowed the name "Running Eagle" on her because of her greatness. This was a name only given to the greatest warriors, and it was the first time it had ever been given to a woman. She was also asked to be a part of the Braves Society of Young Warriors.

    After she gained the respect of her whole tribe, she continued to lead many successful war parties and hunting expeditions. She never married, and although she led war parties and wore men's clothes, it is said that she also cooked for the men and repaired their moccasins.

     The  Majestic Water fall in Glacier National park Running Eagle falls  is named after her.