SOLD The Shirt Wearer
  • SOLD The Shirt Wearer

    11x14 oil on linen The Shirt Wearer

     powerful, sacred garments imbued with deep cultural meaning; they embody the fearless Native American warriors who once wore them.The right to wear a shirt of this caliber could only be earned through acts of extreme bravery in combat (which was often hand to hand) and by following complex rules of engagement (not every warrior earned the right to wear a war shirt by simply being present).These great acts of bravery ranged from the death defying act of counting coup (physically touching an enemy during battle) or the dangerous task of stealing the enemy's horses.But once a warrior achieved the War Shirt honor, wearers of these shirts were also required to follow a strict code of conduct and continued bravery...or the shirt could be revoked. This painting is of Crazy Horse of the Lakota